Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The new Innings

Have had a lot of events forcing me to stay away from this blog and publish the truth, in fact, I had to even bring down my first post due to certain difficulties. Thank you all of you for visiting this place and keeping the truth alive.

I promise to deliver the further parts of this "three funerals and a wedding" in the next few months, now that I am living in safety and there is no further threat to my near and dear ones. I do hope that fellow Indians will stand be me.

Thank You


  1. Many thanks for your efforts, please do post the rest of the Rajiv brief soon!
    PS: Please be safe and you may note that you have been re-published by Dr.Subraminan Swamy himself in his party website.

  2. whatever happened to the truth

  3. Sir ji! where r u? will not clarify more on issue with pin pointed facts

  4. Why didn't you name the 'powerful minister' who opposed the idea of overhauling Indira's security?

    1. Safe to assume it to be someone who went on to become the President of India.

  5. Sir hats of to you for sharing this vital information with us but please do share the rest of the facts and vital info.

  6. plz plz plz where are you. kindly publish the next tow parts.

  7. Clumsy writing and clumsy story. A very good material for a spy novel.

    A few facts stated above like Sonia Gandhi, a Catholic and was advancing Catholic or Vatican causes is a well known story. So is Saas- Bahu differences in Indira Gandhi family. So far nothing new in above writing.

    I wish not to believe that Indira Gandhi murder and Rajiv Gandhi murder had direct bearing on the rise of Sonia Gandhi to power. It is a pure horse shit. In my opinion it was an accident of history. She was not the Congress Party president at the time of Rajiv's death. How did she get power without even trying is because the middle and upper level Congress leaders had no spine. Congress party was out of power and they wanted a big name to grab power again from weaklings like VP Singh, Chander Shekhar, Gowda etc. That is when Sonia Gandhi's name was mentioned and she willingly accepted it.

    The then Congress Party president - Sitaram Kesari was elbowed out in 1998 and Sonia Gandhi became the president, but still out of power as ATal Vajpayee was the Prime Minister for next five years. She was nobody till 1998, She stayed on the sidelines and in the background.

    A coterie of advisors, who are still with her today, devised a scheme to keep the party in line under the banner of Gandhi name. Money was used extensively to keep party in line. Money kept party unified. Possibility of more money in 2004 was used to win election. Since 2004, Congress Party operators have grabbed a $400 billion kitty of public money and deposited it abroad.

    That coterie of Sonia Gandhi advisor, who independently were spineless devised schemes as to how to buy the media, place key officials of their choice in the civil administration and let DMK and lower rung Congress officials to grab more money by 2G and Coal Scam.

    We Indians have more desire to become millionaires overnight, they joined Congress party in droves and corruption multiplied a thousand times. Methodology was such that it can never be connected to Sonia Gandhi, although she was the prime mover until 2014.

    Once you got your ill gotten wealth and you wish not to give up, for this reason, the party has been forced to stay together. That is where we are today. Threat of PM Modi taking away their ill gotten wealth is keeping them compact. Rather they are working hard to unseat him on flimsy excuses. All that money bestowed on media and journalists and connections they built is standing in good stead to plant stories like Lalit Gate, hiring scams, beef controversary etc.

    This author of the lead article above, although lives far off and is nameless, is a lesser analyst than he likes you to believe. At best if he was in intelligence then he was nothing more than a clerk with access to files but little capability to analysis where rubber meets the road.

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  12. You just have to connect the dots. Just like nepal was made secular by CIA by killing all the family in one night, then USA gave 100 million dollar after the country announcement of becoming secular. The involvement of a foreign women's presence in the family clearly shows same pattern done by CIA in India. Church and CIA are working closely.
    They plant a mole with a planning for 30-50 years.